Check your sources.

Find issues and concerns with an article’s sources to the 3rd generation.

RedacTek’s generational source validation services include:

  • Retractions – Tracked to three generations of sources.
  • Chrome Browser Plugin – Alerts for articles as you browse.
  • Author self-cites – Articles flagged when authors cite their own work 25% or more.
  • Crossref Data – Integrated a full complement of reference sources + DOI and PMID numbers.
  • PubPeer Comments – Post-publication peer review alongside our other tools.
  • Journal Page – Annual breakdown of published articles and their sources.

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RedacTek checks your sources for the following issues:

  • Retractions
  • Author self-cites
  • PubPeer comments of concern

Why RedacTek

Unsound sources result in:

  • Money lost
  • Time wasted
  • Reputations damaged
  • Illnesses uncured


Chart indicates PubMed retraction notifications per year.